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The Rat's My Phase.

The Rat's Nest

The Nerdy Rat
I'm mostly on tumblr now, come say hi!

25 years old, female, and currently residing in a boring city, in a boring state, in a boring country. Looks more-or-less like this. She spends most of her copious free time on the computer, squealing like a fan girl and watching pirated movies enjoying the internet in a harmless and wholly legal manner. Barring that, she‘s usually drawing, catching up on her reading singing Broadway show tunes at the top of her lungs, playing video games (most likely Rock Band or Guitar Hero) or watching one of the numerous TV shows she‘s obsessed with because she has no real life of her own and therefore feels the need to live vicariously through her favorite characters. She may also be working on that novel she's been working on The Comic she's trying to finish and publish. She currently owns two rats: Sif and Thora. Pictures of them and other rats can be found here (but are also posted fairly regularly on this journal).
Created for the sole purpose of venting the frustrations of a slightly misanthropic, more-than-slightly-slash-obsessed atheist. There will be a healthy dose of mocking stupid right-wing (and possibly left-wing) politcians politics, humor, long-winded rants, and the aforementioned fan girl squealing. Also memes. Lots of memes. Occasionally there will be art posted as well, on which your feedback is much appreciated.
- House, MD - The Dresden Files - Doctor Who - Sherlock Holmes - Wicked - Harry Potter - Black Books - Jeeves & Wooster - Invader Zim - Star Trek - Batman - Merlin - Axis Powers Hetalia - Kuroshitsuji - Supernatural
House/Wilson - Lupin/Snape - Glinda/Elphaba - Jeeves/Wooster - Rimmer/Lister - Kirk/Spock - Holmes/Watson - The Doctor/The Master - Batman/the Joker - Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy - Merlin/Arthur - Dean/Castiel
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